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Get the proper screening for Obstructive sleep apnea in the comfort of your own home with this easy-to-use home sleep study test kit.

No doctor visits or insurance red tape. It’s the fastest, affordable way to find out if you have sleep apnea.
The HST screening kit arrives at your door in a matter of days; making getting results a quick process.

Results in 1-2 business days

We typically have the results from the Doctor in 1-2 business days after you return the test.

We can send the results of the exam via electronic fax anywhere you like.
You could have your test results in less than a week!

Popular FAQ's

Who can write me a prescription?
  1. Medical Doctor

  2. Doctor of Osteopathy

  3. Physiatrist (MD only)

  4. Nurse Practioner

  5. Physicians Assistant

  6. Dentist

  7. Naturopathic Physicians

How can we help?
  1. We can request your RX on your behalf.

When you check out, let us know you would like us to request., or you can log into your account to have us request your RX from a doctor located inside the USA.

  1. Email your prescription to: info@rightdme.com

  2. Fax your prescription to:

  3. Upload your prescription in your account under the prescription section.

In order for us to process your order promptly, please write your order number on your RX before sending it in.

What physicians do we not accept prescriptions from?
  1. Psychologist

  2. Optometrist

  3. Podiatrist

  4. Chiropractor

Your prescription can be written on a prescription pad which includes the physician’s contact information, your name and is signed by the care provider including a statement about the equipment needed.


  1. CPAP

  2. BIPAP

  3. CPAP Mask

  4. CPAP Supplies

  5. CPAP Humidifier

When purchasing a device, essentially your RX will have the necessary information including the pressure setting. However, if it is not included on the RSX, the pressure setting may be provided by you.

Will an old prescription work or do I need a new one?

Some prescriptions are written out for “99 months or lifetime need” and usually can be used to get the prescribed equipment as often as needed for therapy continuation. However if the following listed below are present; a new prescription will be needed:

  1. The RX notates an expiration date

  2. The RX lists a number of refills

Will RightDME.com accept a prescription from any U.S doctor?

If you have a valid prescription from a valid physician (listed above), we will fill your order and have it shipped to any US state.

How do I submit a prescription to RightDME.com?
  1. Fax it in to:

  2. Upload your prescription in your account under the prescriptions section.

  3. Email your prescription to: info@rightdme.com

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