We have discussed in the past about symptoms and effects of sleep apnea but sleep apnea is an internal factor that affects our sleep. We have no control over how an internal conflict can affect us. Today, I wanted to discuss some everyday external factors that can affect the quality of our sleep. We will be discussing everyday obstacles that affect us physically, mentally and emotionally. 

At the top of any health concern list is the effects of modern technology. In an effort to make daily life easier, modern technology has enabled us to take the easy route in every matter. I mean today we rather drive to our desired destination that's a block away than walk. When was the last time you walked to get something? One of the most harmful side effects of modern technology, specifically all these smart devices that are glued to our hands, is blue light exposure. It suppresses the release of melatonin in your body, preventing it from naturally feeling drowsy. Putting away any phones at least two hours before bedtime, helps your eyes recover from the exposure. You can also try melatonin tablets to induce drowsiness. 

Today's lifestyle doesn’t allow the maximum amount of potential energy to be converted into kinetic energy. Meaning today we aren’t physically moving as much as our ancestors. This leads our bodies to rarely feel tired. When our body is physically tired, our mind automatically sends signals to our body to get some rest. The easiest and healthiest way to get tired is exercise. 

Now exercise doesn’t always mean gym and heavy lifting. The key to exercising consistently is to find a medium that works best for you. From dancing/zumba to biking to simply walking around the neighborhood, as long as it’s filling our lungs with fresh air and activating every muscle in our body with energy, it’s effective. Dedicating an hour of your life in the evening to get some exercise will allow your body to process out all the negative aspects of the day, leaving your mind refreshed and at peace. 

If we are talking about convenience, we can not miss today’s biggest convenience, fast food. We are consuming processed foods at rates never seen before. Processed sugar consumption may make us believe we are filled with energy, but this burst of energy usually leads to a crash that leaves you feeling exhausted and burned out for days. We are also witnessing unbelievable choices in diets that would be suitable for us. These diets usually are complicated, expensive and not realistic for everybody. The best chance we have at developing a diet that works best for us is by listening to our own bodies. Choosing lighter meals for supper can help our body focus on repairing our body instead of digesting a heavy meal throughout the night. 

The chances of getting a restful, beneficial quality of sleep can exponentially improve from a proper, balanced diet and exercise. 

Today, we are much more vocal about mood disorders and mental health. However, today we also have countless factors affecting our mental and emotional health. Today we can connect with anyone, anywhere all over the world but that also leaves us vulnerable to feelings of judgment and comparison. Starting and ending our day with social media will leave our mind in comparison mode. 

By taking care of external factors that can have an impact on our body, we can make it easier for ourselves and medical professionals to diagnose any serious ailments. Eating balanced meals, getting plenty of exercise and moderating blue light exposure is the best preventative measure we can take for our body. 

After all, knowledge is the most powerful medicine. 

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