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Popular FAQ's

How do I choose the right device?

All our customers are provided the tools to make the correct decisions regarding their machine purchase. Options are:

  1. Calling our Clinical Sleep Educators toll free:

  2. Browse Our Machine Product Categories:

a- Categories listed show how each machine functions and the ranks by popularity by previous customers. The top products ascend to the top of our categories.

  1. CPAP Machine Category

  2. APAP Machine Category

  3. BIPAP (two pressures) Machine Category

What are data capable machines?

These types of machines track your therapy progress and performance over time. Over the length of time on your therapy, this tool is very effective in spotting issues and help make the correct changes for overall treatment. Your physician and you can effectively use the recorded information to make the desired changes to your treatment. The data collected allows you to view the following:

  1. Total hours used

  2. AHI (apnea hypopnea index = how many respiratory events per hour of sleep)

  3. Leak rate

  4. Average pressure (if using Auto Positive Airway Pressure)

How often should I clean my filters?

If the filters are made from foam, they should be cleaned as soon as they become discolored. Most manufacturers recommend they be rinsed weekly under clear running water and air dry before reinstalling them in the machine.

Disposable filters

These types of filters are not recommended to be cleaned, but changed out instead. Manufacturers recommend changing the disposable filter once a month.

Is there a machine that runs on batteries? How long do they last?

Tons of CPAPs operate on 12 volt power. If your machine has a DC outlet, a round, single hole in the back or side of the unit, then you should be able to operate it from a 12 DC power source. Usually, the DC power cord plugs into the PAP machine and end in a cigarette lighter plug. To connect your machine directly to a battery, you would need a DC adapter cable that fits over the cigarette lighter plug on the DC power cord and ends in alligator clips.

For longer usage time, we recommend a deep-cycle marine type battery. It will run most devices at most pressures for a time of three nights before needing to be recharged. We sell a variety of portable, rechargeable, battery packs on our site with a minimalistic design that will operate most CPAPs and most pressures for one night. In addition, we also carry battery kits that come with all parts needed to run your machine off of battery power including the cables needed for your machine.

How do I change the pressure setting on my device?
  1. Follow up with your referring physician for an updated prescription; then forward that information to your local sleep center for adjustment.

  2. If one cannot be found, call your local hospital and they’ll direct you to the closest sleep disorder center.


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